Half a century of screws

 Enrico and Bruno Cattinori founded our company inoxviti in 1964 in Grumello del Monte (BG - IT) initially operating from a small warehouse producing stainless steel screws and bolts. We have continued to build on our experience and expertise to deliver quality; our product range and customer base has grown along with our reputation and we have increased our facilities and infrastructure
to support our sustained and progressive growth.

Stainless quality

 Our wealth of experience, accredited performance, and achievement offer inoxviti a platform to reach new and exciting goals. We aim for continual improvement; our already excellent customer services department and distribution performance are constantly monitored and improved to ensure that, from technical support through to delivery of product, we offer our clients the very best and most timely solution. Our main objectives are professional expertise and understanding our clients needs. Maintaining the highest quality standard is of paramount importance and intrinsic to inoxviti’s company policy.