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We produce screws and bolts in stainless steel and over time inoxviti have developed particular expertise in the production of special bolts. We have a dedicated tooling department supported by precision equipment that facilitates manufacture of tooling suitable for the production of normalised and special components.



We are able to supply out of range parts with a short production lead time. inoxviti can produce screws up to 300 mm in length and studding up to 5 meters long.



Our technical knowledge and experience of cold forming allow production using hard grades of stainless material such as titanium stainless steel, steel for use in high temperature environments, alloys with high corrosion resistance properties, and Duplex. Our dependable and qualified technical consultants are able to satisfy a diverse range of client requirements. According to cold forming production requirements, inoxviti is able to produce bespoke to client drawing and specification.


General sales terms and conditions are available on web site Upiveb